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Main Organization

These are the ms2000 main organizers:

Hardball/Amable hardball*ms-demo-org General Organizing
Chaotic/Padua chaotic* Staff, Beam, Misc
Raw Style/Lego rawstyle* WWW, Scene PR, Compos
Gandalf/Phantasm gandalf* Press, Sponsors, Power
Decca/Lego decca* Power, Misc

Competitions Organization

General competition organization is done by Raw Style. These guys are responsible for some particular competitions:

Sierra/Destiny sierra* Music Competitions
Doj/Cubic doj* IBM PC Competitions
Anonym/Padua anonym* C-64 Competitions
Gott/Elitegroup gott* PSX Competition
Raw Style/Lego rawstyle* Amiga Competitions
Gandalf/Phantasm gandalf* Wild Competition

By the way, the ms2000 announcement Web page is still available here.