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What is MS all about?

The mekka & symposium is a demo-scene party that is organized annually at Easter. Here, about 1000 young Multimedia artists gather for four days to meet similarly-minded people, exchange ideas and participate in competitions in which individual people and groups show off their talent with regards to a traditional form of electronic art called Demos.

Although it might seem so at first glance, the MS is no LAN party where network game playing would be the primary occupation. People playing Qu*ke or Half-Life on our events are considered non-creative, if not destructive, by most of our "serious" visitors. If you "just" want to play games, think about going to our Planet Insomnia parties instead, you'll have much more fun there since you'll also be finding much more enemies to play against...

Invitation Intros

The Windows invitation intro is available as a 120k ZIP archive... it made the second place on this year's Ambience intro competition :-)

An invitation for the C-64 is available here.

Location, Date, Entrance Fee

The party place is located in Fallingbostel. Situated between Hamburg and Hannover, this is the only town in Northern Germany that offers a hall suitable for at least 1000 visitors, while not being too expensive. At this place, the MS parties have been taking place since 1997, so we really know its infrastructure and limits quite well, too. The party starts on Good Friday (21st April, 2000) at 12:00 CET and ends on Easter Monday (24th April, 2000) at 12:00 CET. The address is:

        An der Heidmarkhalle 1
        D-29683 Fallingbostel

The entrance fee amounts to 70 DM (35 Euro). We don't accept currencies other than DM. We don't have single-day visitor tickets. Girls and Mat/Ozone get in for free. There is no table reservation, and no possibility of paying in advance. Money which is left is spent on the repair of damages to the hall and on competition prizes (in this very order, so please behave :D). If you bring your own computer equipment (this does not cost extra, of course), bring your own power connectors!

Travel Information

If you're going to come by car, you can reach Fallingbostel through the highway A7 - watch out for the "Fallingbostel" announcement (it's highway exit number 47). We have a map (in English or German) which guides you from the highway exit to the party place.

When coming by train, you have to use some major train to either Hamburg or Hannover (whichever is nearer to you), and change for Fallingbostel there (train schedules are available from the Deutsche Bahn info page). Once you've arrived in Fallingbostel, you can make use of the free 24h bus shuttle service we will set up just like last year. But you must contact us in advance, so that you will be picked up (please tell about number of people and time of arrival). If you're coming without equipment, you can also take the walk (half an hour); watch out for the "Bahnhof" / "Railroad Station" in the center of our map.

This year again there are some guys organizing bus trips from various countries to the MS; some of them may have a free place left for you! Contact us if you want to be listed here as well.

FromOrganizerMore Information
Copenhagen (Denmark) Martin Leopold WWW
Aalborg (Denmark) Heavy Head WWW
Finland HiRMU WWW
Hungary, Austria Detox / Crimson Jihad
Norway Arcane / Royal WWW
Sweden Altruist/Tulou WWW
Switzerland Unlock / Vantage/Padua WWW


  • Lots of competitions for Amiga, PC and C64 - and some platform-independent ones such as a Graphics competition and various music competitions. We don't have competitions for Atari and Acorn systems; feel free to participate in the Wild compo with productions for these and even other machines.

  • Competitions presented on a big screen sized 6x4 sqm, including powerful sound equipment - yes, the sound will be loud if you are sitting in the first table row. No, we will not turn the volume down. Choose your fate in advance by sitting down at the front of the hall if you want loud sound (note that you don't need your own stereo to make even more noise), or by taking place at the remote side of the hall if you are in need of a quiet place (note that some guy next to you will be pissed if you turn up your own stereo too much). Also, some wax to put into your ears when you want to sleep will really come in handy.

  • Place for about 1200 visitors plus equipment; enough power for everyone - but: please do not bring equipment you don't really need. This has two advantages: You can't lose it, and it can't bring the power down (see below for more words on the subject of electricity)

  • A warm sleeping hall - Just like on ms2k-1, comfortably small and warm. Of course you can sleep in the main hall as well. If you want to, you can also stay at the local youth hostel, which is located about half a kilometer from the party place (note that you probably need a member card):

            Jugendherberge Fallingbostel
            DJH Landesverband Hannover e.V.
            Liethweg 1
            29683 Fallingbostel
            Phone: +49 5162 2274
    If you really can afford it: A listing of hotels is available on the Fallingbostel homepage.

  • A party network will be available in a somewhat rudimentary fashion. We have a complete GBit backbone with 100MBit TP cabling to all the tables, but we're lacking the switches or hubs for the tables themselves. If you want to be on the safe side, bring your own hub or switch (100MBit TP uplink at the tables).

  • Food supply - there's a city nearby, with shops and bars; and we have inexpensive drinks and snacks available on the party 24 hours a day. Of course you may and should also bring your own food and drinks, as it will be less expensive this way. A nice snack-bar providing fries, hamburgers etc. will be situated next to the main hall almost 24 hours a day.

  • Clean toilets and showers. Showers are not public, though. Instead, we will have designated shower hours a couple of times.

  • Live music performances (The SID rockers from Welle:Erdball will be on air; Erase (Neuton/Gunman) will be doing a liveact only consisting of Sidsounds. Also the company that produces the SidStation (Elektron) will be present to answer your questions), traditional entertainment provided by Steeler, cool party t-shirts ... and the unique Mekka & Symposium party feeling!


We are not responsible for stolen computer equipment or other items you bring with you. We aren't responsible for personal injuries either. Take care of yourself, your friends and your luggage. We've never had much trouble with theft on our parties, but it might be better to think twice about taking a certain valuable thing with you onto the party.

The use of alcohol is hereby explicitly forbidden. After facing severe damages and personal attacks on previous parties due to heavily drunken individuals, we chose to put up this rule from 1998 on. Drunken guys won't be let inside, disturbing guys (this also includes Qu*ke players, by the way :D) will be put outside. Don't consume Vodka in front of the stage. Don't vomit onto the floor.

In case we discover that you are destroying things, either intellectual property (hacking the network system), or physically damaging the building or people, you can be sure that we will take very special care of you.

This year we will try again to supply you with enough electric power. We invest in new cables and fuse-racks, just to serve your equipment more than well. To make this event as pleasurable as possible and to avoid last year's power failures, we would be pleased if you did not bring all that stuff like: toasters, fridges, heaters or cheap extension sockets with you. These things were / are responsible for those failures, because they violate the FI protection. We can not remove this protection, because it's legally required, for your safety. So please leave them at home (mummy and daddy will keep an eye on them). Let's also stress that we are not responsible for any damage of your equipment (of course we won't refund half-written CD-Rs after a power failure), just keep this in mind.

Please respect German law. Illegal actions, especially regarding software piracy, can not be approved of. Dutch visitors should be aware of the fact that weed consumption is illegal over here.

Last but not least, have fun! And if you have ideas of what might be fun on the party, don't hesitate to contact us, even on the party. You're part of the party.

Time Table

Fri 12:00	Opening
Fri 21:00	Opening Ceremony
		-- KB
Fri 23:00	-- SidStation

Sat 10:00	** Deadline: Alternative Graphics,
			     Progressive Music
Sat 13:00	Alternative Graphics
Sat 15:00	** Deadline: Amiga 64K Intro,
			     PC 4K Intro,
			     PC 64K Intro,
			     Pixel Graphics,
			     C64 Music
Sat 17:00	Progressive Music
Sat 19:00	Amiga 64K Intro
Sat 20:00	PC 4K Intro
Sat 20:00	** Deadline: Alternative Music
Sat 20:30	Pixel Graphics
Sat 21:00	-- Local Zer0es
Sat 22:00	PC 64K Intro
Sat 23:00	C64 Music
Sat 24:00	-- Welle:Erdball
Sun 01:00	Wild

Sun 08:00	** Deadline: Amiga 4K Intro,
			     C64 Graphics,
			     PlayStation Demo,
Sun 09:00	Pixel Graphics (repeat date)
Sun 09:30	-- Sierra
Sun 11:00	Amiga 4K Intro
Sun 11:30	Alternative Graphics (repeat date)
Sun 12:00	Alternative Music
Sun 12:00	** Deadline: Game 32K,
			     C64 4K Intro
Sun 13:00	C64 Graphics
Sun 14:00	PlayStation Demo
Sun 15:00	** Deadline: All Demo Competitions
Sun 16:00	MP3
Sun 18:00	C64 4K Intro
Sun 19:00	Game 32K
Sun 21:00	Amiga Demo
Sun 23:30	C64 Demo
Mon 01:00	PC Demo

Mon 05:00	Voting deadline
Mon 10:00	Prize giving, closing ceremony
Mon 12:00	End of the party