...to the official home page of mekka & symposium 2001! On the following pages, please find enclosed all relevant information pertaining to this event. In the unlikely case of missing details, please feel free to contact us at any time.

The mekka & symposium is a demo-scene party that is organized annually at Easter. Young Multimedia artists gather here for four days in order to meet similarly-minded people, to exchange ideas and to participate in the competitions, in which individual people and groups show off their talent with regards to a traditional form of electronic art called Demos.

The mekka & symposium 2001 is expected to have 1200 to 1300 visitors from all over Europe, and even from more remote countries.

Even though it might seem so at first glance, the MS is no LAN or gaming party. People playing Qu*ke or Half-Life on our events are considered non-creative by our "serious" visitors. Because of that, game packets are filtered by the network. If you want to play games, think about going to our Planet Insomnia parties instead, you'll have much more fun there.