Amiga platform competitions

The competition machine, kindly provided by Infinity / Creative Minds, is equipped as follows:

  • A4000, MC68060 @50MHz
  • PPC 604e @233MHz
  • 64MB RAM
  • Cybervision PPC
  • WarpOS & PowerUP

Assigns and installation scripts are forbidden (this means that unpacking the archive and running one program is all that is necessary to start the demo). Custom libraries may be used, but not installed outside of the contribution directory.

Demo Competition

  • Maximum size is 8 MB.
  • Please hand in the latest versions of any libraries you think are needed together with your contribution.

64K Intro Competition

  • The intro size is 64KB at most. The intro is a single executable file.
  • The use of libraries not delivered with OS3.5 and PPC OS's is not allowed.

4K Intro Competition

  • Maximum size is 4096 bytes.
  • Booting AmigaOS without startup-sequence, running SetPatch and then simply running the 4K executable from a standard PAL screen must be everything that's necessary to start the intro.
  • Only 68K entries are allowed.

The Amiga competition rules are maintained by Raw Style, please mail him for further information or discussion.