IBM PC platform competitions

The competition machine is equipped as follows:

  • Intel Pentium III
  • 128MB Ram
  • Geforce Graphics Card
  • original ISA Sound Blaster 16
  • Win98 with latest drivers and DirectX
  • a well configured Linux with XFree 4.x

Demo Competition

  • Maximum file size of all files: 8MB.

Intro 64K

  • Maximum file size of all files: 65536 bytes.

Intro 4K

  • Maximum file size of all files: 4096 bytes.

Notes to Win Coders: No exotic libraries will be installed. The given configuration is a fresh installed Win98 with latest Microsoft Updates, drivers etc. If you need special libraries, provide them yourself, but keep in mind, that they will count into the file size limit.

Notes to DOS Coders: All productions will be started under Windows! Please consider making a native Win32 Demo, as this is more portable today, and you benefit from enhanced graphics and sound compatibility. If your demo does not run under Win98 you're out of luck.

Notes to Linux Coders: You can assume a fairly new Linux distribution, with custom made kernel, X and important libs. XFree 4.x with accelerated OpenGL drivers will be available. If you plan to make a Linux demo, please contact the competition organizer in advance, and tell him about your requirements.

For any complaints, comments or whatever contact the competition organizer: