General Information about MS2001

The party place is located in Fallingbostel. Situated between Hamburg and Hannover, this is the only town in Northern Germany that offers a hall suitable for both the expected amount of visitors and for our budget. At this place, the MS parties have been taking place since 1997, so we know its infrastructure and limits quite well.

The party starts on Good Friday (13th April, 2001) at 12:00 CET and ends on Easter Monday (16th April, 2001) at 12:00 CET. The address of the party place is:

        An der Heidmarkhalle 1
        D-29683 Fallingbostel

The entrance fee amounts to 70 DM (35 Euro). We don't accept currencies other than DM. We don't have single-day visitor tickets. Girls and Mat/Ozone get in for free.

There is no table reservation, and no possibility of paying in advance. Please, don't be afraid of not getting a seat. In the last couple of years, even visitors arriving on Saturday were able to get seated comfortably. Trust us, we'll handle that :-)

Money which is left is spent on the repair of damages to the hall and on competition prizes (in this very order, so please behave :D).

If you bring your own computer equipment (you don't pay extra for this, of course), please bring your own power connectors. We might have some in stock for sale, but you better don't rely on this.