ms2001 Party Releases

Complete collections:

C-64 releases:

Amiga releases:

  • The Top 4 Amiga Demos encoded as DivX by robotriot^skp ("Perfect Circle"/TBL, "Hotstyle Takeover"/Loonies, "Amsterdam Blessings"/Madwizards and "Adam Malysz"/Ephidrena): click here
  • "Hotstyle Takeover" by Loonies (#2 Demo) Final: get it here.

PC releases:

  • "Karpov" (#4 4K) Final: get it here.
  • "Art" (#1 64k) Bugfixed Version and Sources released: get it here - and as a special somewhat delayed easter present, you can also download the almost full, but working source code of it - so happy reading :)
  • "The Return of the Raving Tomatoes" (#7 4K) Final: get it here
  • "Juggler 2001" (#1 4K) Final: get it here.
  • "pongdeluxe" (#4 Game) Final: get it here.

Console releases:

  • The GBC demo released at MS2001 (final:) here