Travel Information

by Car

If you intend to come by car, you can reach Fallingbostel via highway A7. The correct exit is announced as "Fallingbostel", number 47. We have a map (in English or German) which guides you from the highway exit to the party place.

by Plane

As Fallingbostel is situated between Hamburg (in the north) and Hannover (in the south), you have the choice between those two airports. In the following, I'll describe how to get from these airports to the party place.

From Hannover airport: There's a "S-Bahn" line S5 that connects the airport with the central train station ("Hannover Hbf"). The S5 departs every 30 minutes, costs about 5 DM and takes 12 minutes to the train station. An alternative is taking a Taxi to the central station, which costs about 35 DM and takes about 20 minutes. At Hannover Hbf, there's a train going directly to Fallingbostel, which costs 20.20 DM. You might want to check out exact time schedules at the Deutsche Bahn TravelService ("From" = "Hannover Hbf", "To" = "Fallingbostel"). More info available from the Hannover airport page (apparently German only, so use Babelfish).

From Hamburg airport: This is a little bit more complicated. Use the bus line 110 ("Airport Express") to the "S-Bahn" station "Ohlsdorf". In the bus, pay for a ride to "Hamburg-Harburg" (about 5 DM). At Ohlsdorf, use the train S1 direction "Wedel", and get out at "Hauptbahnhof" (central station). There, change for the train S3 direction "Neugraben" or "Harburg", and get out at "Harburg" (not "Harburg Rathaus", that's too late). Now, leave the "S-Bahn" area and go to the "Deutsche Bahn" area, where the big trains depart. From there, there's a train going to Fallingbostel, costing 23.40 DM, but during the ride, you have to change trains at Soltau. You might want to check out exact time schedules and details for these trains at the Deutsche Bahn TravelService ("From" = "Hamburg-Harburg", "To" = "Fallingbostel"). More info available at the Hamburg airport page (apparently German only, so use Babelfish).

by Train

When coming by train, you have to use some major train to either Hamburg or Hannover (whichever is nearer to you), and change for Fallingbostel there.

In Hamburg, you can arrive at three possible locations: "Hamburg-Harburg" (the train to Fallingbostel goes from there), "Hamburg Hauptbahnhof" (central station, use the S3 as described above to get to Harburg), or "Hamburg-Altona" (also use the S3 as described above to get to Harburg).

... and once you're in Fallingbostel:

Once you've arrived in Fallingbostel, you can make use of the free 24h bus shuttle service we will set up just like last year. But you must contact us in advance, so that we will really pick you up (please include number of people and expected time of arrival). If you're coming without equipment, you can also take the walk (roughly half an hour); watch out for the "Bahnhof" / "Railroad Station" in the center of our map.

Bus Trips

A very comfortable way of getting to the party place is to use one of the various bus trips organized by sceners from all around Europe. Not only is this way of travelling safer than driving back on your own without having slept for days, you'll also be in the right party mood when arriving in Fallingbostel :-)