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Atari platform competitions

For the first time since 1996, we try to hold some Atari competitions, in order to support a sub-scene that has been neglected during the last couple of years by almost every scene party. By adding these competitions, we hope to raise the general awareness for the Atari and its importance in the pioneering days of the scene.

Demo Competition

  • A unified competition for both the classic Atari ST and the Falcon.
  • Falcon 030: Maximum size is 8 MB. If you use any extensions and add-ons you have to supply the machine for presentation.
  • ST: Maximum size is 2DD disks. Config: 8MHz, 1MB RAM.

96K Intro Competition

  • Maximum size is 98304 bytes (ST or Falcon).

4K Intro Competition

  • Maximum size is 4096 bytes (ST or Falcon).

The Atari competition rules are maintained by MC Laser / TSCC, please mail him for further information or discussion.

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