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C-64 Platform Competitions

You may choose between a C64 with a new or with an old SID-chip with or without a cartdridge. It's connected to a 1541-II floppy drive. All releases must be handed in on 5.25" disks. As of this year, any entry that participates in a competiton will be released, -- no exceptions.

Please hand in your entries as early as possible. This helps us to better plan and stick to our timetable, since some entries often need more time and care than expected. This will ensure your entry to be shown properly.

Demo Competition

  • Maximum size is a standard 5.25" DD disk (both sides).
  • The demos may require user (keyboard/joystick) interaction.

4K Intro Competition

  • Maximum size is 4096 ($1000) bytes (=16.12 blocks).
  • Every 4k entry should preferably be executable using the RUN command.
  • If you have a long pre-calculation time, please try to also include a (bigger) version without any precalculation delay.

C-64 Graphics Competition

All formats/modes are allowed. The entry must be handed in as an executable file or as Koala/Amica. Any sounds or extra info-screens included in the file will not be shown/played. It would be nice of you to forget about additional music or effects and give us something serious for the show. The inclusion of working stages of your picture is appreciated and will be mentioned during the competition.

SID Music Competition

All formats allowed. The entry must be an executable file. The C-64 screen will not be shown during the competition. We will play up to 3:30 minutes of each tune. You may choose between a C-64 with a new or with an old SID-chip.

About 10 to 15 songs will be selected by a Jury to be played for the audience. All entries will be made available for listening and voting via the network and disks, which will be available at the info-counter.

The C-64 competition rules are maintained by Anonym and Hoogo, please mail them for further information or discussion.

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