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Competitions are the core feature of any decent scene party. They are the ultimate medium to present one's work to a large audience and compare one's creativity directly to that of others. Consequently, in competitions on major parties, new milestones are set for demo technology because people keep constantly improving their skills in their quest for fame in the scene.

Each year again it's hard to determine which competitions to hold. You hold too many, people get bored (and the time table gets overflowed) -- you hold too few or make the rules too restrictive, some people get upset because they feel that they can't unfold their whole creativity. Also, there has always been the aspect of tradition. Many people (including us, the organizers) have been in the scene business for over ten years; sometimes it's not easy to make major changes to rules which had been established for a long time.

We hope that this year's selection of competitions again suits your taste. If not, you may of course contact the coordinator of the respective competition by mail for further discussion.

Some fun competitions will be organized by Steeler; if you have an idea about something funny, feel free to contact him!

Some more notes

Everyone intending to participate in one of our competitions has to be present at the party. We don't accept contributions via mail. The sole exception to this rule are the Demo competitions; here we welcome external entries as well. Contact Raw Style for further information, until Monday, March 25, 18:00 local time. After that, no more entries will be accepted (you don't need to send your demo, just tell me you're going to participate).

All entries will be spread during and after the party, without exception. For demos running on exotic hardware, we'll try to provide you with DivX recordings.

Please try to keep your entries short and interesting. This applies especially to the Demo competitions, where you should be prepared for multi-hour shows! Thus, by reducing your Demos to the interesting core, you might as well help keeping the show interesting.

It is not possible for an individual to take part with two entries in one competiton.

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