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Graphics competitions

We have two graphics competitions (in addition to the C-64 graphics competition). The following rules apply to both of them:

  • Maximum resolution is 800x600 in 24 Bits TrueColor.
  • The entries must be handed in in IFF, PNG or TGA format.
  • A quality preselection will be done.
  • All selected entries will be shown at least twice, at different daytimes.
  • The inclusion of several working stages of your picture is absolutely required! Entries without working stages have a zero percent chance of being shown and will be disqualified immediately. The working stages will not be spread.
  • There are no restrictions whatsoever as to the tools being used. You can pixel, scan, raytrace -- whatever you want, as long as you provide working stages.
  • You must supply a listing of the tools and software you've used to create the picture! These data will be shown on the big screen directly before your entry.

Freestyle Graphics Competition

This is an unrestricted graphics competition where you can hand in everything you like -- as long as you're following the rules stated above, of course.

"Robots vs. Knights" Graphics Competition

Entries for this competition should deal with the theme that is obvious from the title: "Robots vs. Knights" -- it's your choice how to interpret it! Use the standard graphics competition if you don't want to be restricted in your creativity.

Responsible organizer for the graphics competitions is Gizmo.

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