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Miscellaneous Competitions

32K Game Competition

(for Atari, Amiga, PC and C-64)

  • Size of all files: 32K
  • Competition machines are the same as in the platform-specific competitions
  • The game will be played on the bigscreen by the coder (not live though, this competition will be pre-recorded some hours before the show).
  • If you are planning networked games, contact us in advance.
  • We will do a quality preselection on this competition.
  • For PC only: Game must be playable with keyboard and/or mouse only. However if you have support for some special device (joystick or whatever) be sure to bring it along.

Console Competition

And another time we offer you the chance to take part with your crazy console demos in the MS console competition. You can participate with any game console you like, for example Atari 2600, Megadrive, SNES, Vectrex, Game Boy (Standard, Colour or Advanced), PlayStation (One or PS2), N64, Dreamcast, XBox or Gamecube. Of course you are allowed to bring every other console you like, but please make sure that you're following these rules:

  • There is no size limit; get the full POWER out of your machine and kick some ass.
  • You must deliver your demo already recorded on video tape, in PAL VHS or S-VHS. And bring your game console with you so that you can prove that the video tape is not faked! (otherwise you will be disqualified!).
  • If you have problems recording your demo, please get in contact with us before the party (Thank you.). Else we can't guarantee that we are able to show your crazy console demo at the MS.
  • If you could provide a DivX version of your entry in addition, you would save us some work, thank you.
  • Of course you must be present at the party.
  • Lame demos will be disqualified :))

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact Gott.

Wild Competition

Here you can deliver anything that doesn't fit into the other categories. We will not have separate Wild ("classic") and Video competitions, as the number of entries in the former would be too low. The most welcome contribution medium is a VHS or S-VHS tape recorded in PAL; you can optionally hand in a graphics file containing some information about the hardware used to create your entry. If you can't tape the thing yourself (if you are using really Wild hardware...) please contact us in advance.

There aren't many restrictions on this competition. Your entry should be related to computers, though. People are not interested in watching yet another skateboard video. Please help keeping this competition interesting!

There is a maximum time limit of 8 minutes, and a quality preselection will be done. Stuff that is absolutely irrelevant will be thrown out in order to make the competition more interesting.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact Gandalf.

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