680xx Convention

This page contains a party report about the 680xx Convention, which took place in June 1993 and was organized by Complex, Sanity, Supplex and White Status. The report was written by Decca/Supplex in the same year.

680xx Convention REPORT


As mentioned in the Invitation, this party was for AMIGA and ATARI together. And this party showed us a true fact, the ATARI-Guys know how to behave on a party (gell FUNKY!) and they are also knowing what the word FRIENDSHIP means (They collected some money for Tommy, so that he can buy a new HD for his AMIGA, because it was stolen during the compo). Do you think that such action is possible in the Amiga-Scene?


Besides many german dudes, also a lot of french and english guys showed up. Some guys from Belgium and the Netherlands were also present. The big surprise were the dudes from Poland and Hungary. Some VIPs like Micheal Bittner (Thalion Software) and the two leaders of Eclipse Software also visited the party.


It was not as big as Aars, but it was enough room for the 500 freaks that were present. It was a parted Sportshall with enough electricity and powerfull soundsystem. A big advance of the splitted rooms was the fact, that the noisy things were only in the mainhall, so you could chat in other hall without shouting. The Partyplace was also easy to reach, because the Trainstation was only 300m away, also the way to the highway was not very long.


The biggest action was the Video screen in the Mainhall. Some nice things were showed, like a report about professional Computer-Animations, the AKIRA-Movie and a cool Vectorgame-Preview by Eclipse-Software (thanx Marc!). Some guys also used the opportunety to visit Hamburgs biggest Techno-Disco, The UNIT, on the well known Reeperbahn.


Only a few things like the Invitation-Demo by Mad Elks, the new Analog PackMag and a nice Intro by Liquid were released except the compo.It was a pitty that so many releases for the competition were not finished in time like the Trackmos by Essence, Sanity, Nova and Syntex.


The first Competition (Graphic) was a bit boring because the pauses between the Pictures were a bit too long. The Music-Compo was much cooler, because every tune was only marked with a number, no name or group. So it was a very fair Compo. The Demo-Compo was also a bit frustrating because of only a few releases. The coolest thing in every competition was the presentation of the winners. The names of the ten best were showed on the screen and then a colored bar counted up to the votevalue of each competitor (nice idea!).


Demo-Competition (AMIGA)

Demo-Competition (ATARI)

1. WARUM         - LAZER and AURA
2.               - NEWTREND
3. DOT-DEMO      - LIGHT

The ATARI Demos were all made for the FALCON and so they were really stunning. The Amiga Demos were also very nice, the Complex Demo features some heavy code and the NUANCE Demo was nice and cool surprise. Also a lot of Joke-Productions were released.

Graphic-Competition (both)

1. McFly of RISK (ATARI)
3. Cougar of SANITY (AMIGA)

Most of the pictures were as usual some naked Fantasystuff, but the winning Pictures were luckyly not of this sort.

Music-Competition (both)

1. Mr.Looping of ADALATS (AMIGA)
2. Tommy (ATARI)
3. Jester of SANITY (AMIGA)

The Contributions were a good mix between all styles, not too much techno, hehe. The first place was not so cool, because it was a "What is love"-fake by some PARADISE guys.


The party was not the best on this planet, but remember that it was the first party by these guys, and for a firstie it was cool. Compared to other german partys, the organizers could be proud about the nice result.
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