BlackBox Symposium '95


This page contains links to BlackBox Symposium '95 releases available on the Internet. Now this includes the modules and graphics, too. There is not enough space on this site (and it's slow..), so they are located on a different one.


Greenday by Artwork: 1353K (Part 1), 271K (Part 2)
Roots 2 by Sanity: 841K
Temple Of Decease by Oxyron: 807K
Cronos by Retire: 604K

60K Intros

Boom by Lego: 60K, by me ;-)


The five winning pictures from Ben.E, Fiver, JMS, Sire and Cthulu; 390K, IFF


The five winning modules from Noodles, Chromag, Raw Style, Jarre+Jazy and Ayege; 1042K, ProTracker Format
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