The Veranstaltungszentrum Burg Seevetal features room for at least 1000 people including computers; there won't be any problems with electricity - bring your refrigerators with you :) There are several small rooms in which you can sleep, though we will not forbid sleeping in the main hall, too! A big screen with a powerful video beamer is also part of the center, as well as a very nice surround sound equipment.

**NEW**Pizza, Hot Dogs, Coke and similar nutrition will be available at low prices, and even 24 hours if enough people visit the party.

**NEW**Finally we've got three showers in the Burg!

These are some snapshots of the location:

This is where the big screen should be; on the day this picture was taken they've covered the stage, but who cares?

This is the opposite side of the hall; Gandalf walking at the left side of the picture ;-)

The entrance hall; filmed from the bar.

A nice view from outside:

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