WWW Pages History

The very first version has been edited and maintained by Frank Schliefer in June 1995. In the middle of July, I (Michael Krause) took over the organization of these pages.

I want to thank everyone who put this link into his own home page; for their belief in the Symposium '96 to become a great event!

	- Results

	- Final edit, on old server.

	- Moved (again) to a new server.
	- Facilities expanded.
	- New specials. (Multimedia Competition!)
	- New prizes.
	- Corrected some HTML.

	- Some odds and ends...

	- New prizes.

	- Added Amiga and PC invitation demos.

	- Added info on how to arrive by train or ship.
	- Bigger and more pictures of the location.
	- Reworked title logo.

	- New prizes.
	- New organizers.
	- Final rules!
	- Enhanced page for sponsors.

	- New prizes.
	- Removed the counter and put access information into the history page.

	- Created Specials page.
	- Added the first entry to the prizes list.

	- The index page form was broken for some days.. forgot to chmod the CGI ;-)

	- Added new page for sponsors.
	- Extended What page.

	- Added official invitation text to Releases page.

	- Added small questionnaire to the bottom of the index page.

	- Moved to a new server, reorganized directory structure a bit.
	- Improved overall outlook of the pages by using HTML3 commands.
	- Added "How to get there" page.

	- Added link to BBX Symposium '95 report in R.A.W #9
	- Added some links to the scene page.
	- Added an ADDRESS field to every HTML page.
	- Version 8 was made public 3 weeks too late. Sorry ;(

	- Read everything about the Competitions!
	- Article about Amiga "Assign"s.
	- Added first official announcement text to the Releases.
	- New e-mail address for Marco Schultz.
	- Revised Who page.
	- Entrance fee in Facilities page.
	- Added Mekka'96 info to What page.
	- All HTML's reworked for better compatibility (Workbench colors
	  explicitly specified in <BODY>)
	- Finally installed a new cool reliable page access counter!

	- Added another picture to Facilities page.
	- Location is finally the "Burg Seevetal".
	- Added links to graphics and modules to
	  BlackBox Symposium '95 Releases page.
	- Made lots of small changes -- too much and
	  too small to be listed here.
	- Added link to my new homepage to my page! ;-)
	- Added some Cliparts here and there (don't they look nice?)
	- Now I've got the complete HTML 2.0 specs and
	  reworked some pages a bit.
	- BTW: Version 6 was installed on this server 1 month too late ;-)

	- English translation of BlackBox Symposium '95 report.
	- Added the very important information to the What page
	  that the Symposium will not only be for the Amiga.
	- Corrected some misspellings (Thanks Noodles!)

	- Added BlackBox Symposium '95 report.
	- Added 680xx Convention report.
	- Introduced NEW sign.

	- Added general "scene/party/demos" information
	- Added links to BBX Symposium 95 Releases.
	- Added Digital UK Link to What page.
	- Updated some other E-Mail Addresses
	- Extended index page

	- Added DiskMag information to Releases page
	- Updated my E-Mail Address

	- Extended index page (big logo, larger menu)
	- Added a big, big Sym95 collection...
	- Added school information
	- Reworked 'who' page
	- Corrected FTP path for Sym'95 releases
	- Added two lines to the 680xx Convention page.

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