Symposium '96

Easter 1996:
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Polka Brothers * Lego * Phantasm * Cubic Team * Absence * Avena * Oxyron

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Here are the Competition Results!

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Last update on 14-Mar-96
Here you'll find all available information on the Symposium '96, which is supposed to be the first big german demo scene event. If you already know this page and just want to know what is new, read the History page; more or less important news and updates are marked with the "NEW" sign.


[What ... is the Symposium '96? And why does it take place?]
[680xx Convention]
[BlackBox Symposium '95]
[What the hell is the Scene?]

[When and Where ... will it take place?]
[Facilities ... info on the location]
[Specials ... what makes the event even more eventful]
[How to get there]

[Who ... organizes this event?]

[The rules! ... follow them or die!]
[Assigns? ... do not even think of them!]
[List of prizes ... most interesting ;-)]

[Releases ... concerning the Symposium '96.]

[Want to become a Sym96 sponsor? ... then read this!]

[History ... of this WWW page, and some misc stuff]

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