How to get there

Arrival by car

This map shows Hamburg with the most important highways. The Burg Seevetal is located in Hittfeld, which is the red spot:

The following map shows the important surroundings of the Burg (which is marked red):

As you might have noticed, you have two possibilities to reach the party place: One is to take the Abfahrt Hittfeld when driving along the "Autobahn 1" (); then follow the sign "Veranstaltungszentrum".

The other one is to come on the "Bundesstrasse 4" (). If you come from the north through the "Elbtunnel" via A7 (), you have to leave it at Abfahrt Fleestedt. Then roll down the Hittfelder Landstraße (which is part of the B4) and follow the sign "Veranstaltungszentrum".

Arrival by train or ship

You can reach it via everything. If you're going to come by train, you first have to reach Hamburg Hauptbahnhof (main station) and take the S3 or S31 (on Gleis 4, HVV price 4DM) to Harburg or Neugraben, where we will pick you up with the Symposium shuttle service. Alternatively, you can use one of the hourly public busses to Seevetal.

Coming by plane, you will use the bus shuttle service to the station Ohlsdorf, wait for the U1, get out at Hamburg Hauptbahnhof and, again, take the S3/S31 to reach Harburg.

If you arrive by ship, then you'll have to take the U3 at Landungsbrücken to reach the Hauptbahnhof.

If you come by spaceship, there is a big area on the other side of the Symposium convention center; please try to land it there (parking is of course free).

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