What is it?

Once a time, there was a German party called 680xx Convention in Hamburg - and it was, compared to other German events, a great success, because nearly 500 people showed up.

Once a time, there was another German party called BlackBox Symposium '95 with 300 people, also in Hamburg, which was a full success, too, even though it was nearly not advertised at all.

In May 1995, both organizer teams met in order to create something new, something that has never been seen in Germany, something that would be of great meaning to the whole universe: the Symposium '96!

The Symposium '96 is a party for the Amiga, Falcon, PC and C64 scene. The Atari Falcon 'Fried Bits' party, which traditionally took place at the same time (and only for the Falcon), has joined us, so you are sure to enjoy an eventful and varied multi-platform show.


We, the organizers, observed that the amount of poorly organized and too commercial parties increased during the last years, even outside of Germany. Our country has always been well known for low-standard parties, but 1995 has been the most disappointing year.

We (and probably the rest of the scene, too) felt that it was time for a party where you could have fun again, a party that would be well organized, and NOT a party at which you feel that not you is what counts, but the money.

We don't want to rent huge congress centres, we don't want to organize a party with hundreds of super-duper hyper interactive virtual multimedia features, we don't want to make money - we all just want a party where you are welcome to have a nice time; which is, after all, what a party is ought to be.


This event has nothing to do with the Digital UK Symposium! We apologize for the confusion which may arise from the choice of the same name, but we didn't know from that event until mid-1995, when we already announced ours! And we wouldn't change a brand name which we've been using for years because of that.

A PC only party called Mekka '96 will take place exactly one week before the Symposium '96, at exactly the same place. We discovered this when both organizer teams were already quite advanced in their organizations, so we decided that both events would take place. We expect you already know which convention you will join, don't you? ;-)

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