Symposium + Mekka '97

The Facts


This is good news: The party place has been extended to about 2000 square meters and is four times as big as the Burg Seevetal which is where the last parties took place. The Heidmarkhalle is located in Fallingbostel near Soltau in Germany, which is about 100km to the south of Hamburg.

We will finally have sleeping rooms (if you don't want to sleep in front of your computer) and showers, plus a colorful 6 x 4 meters screen with better audio equipment than last year. The train station (Fallingbostel) is five minutes from the party place, we will bring you from there to the party in a bus (and back, of course). This shuttle service will be there this time; last year we had some trouble with it ;)= Important: Please contact me in advance to make sure someone will be there to pick you up.

When talking about busses: remember to have a look at the list of party busses from different European countries, perhaps one crosses your city! If you want to drive by car, download the 19K gif map; when arriving at Fallingbostel, there will be real street signs directing you to the Heidmarkhalle - you can also spot the McDonald's immediately.

The location gives you a pleasing sports-hall like atmosphere, since it is no industry hall with long white orthogonal walls. Also there are many clean toilets and showers for everyone.

Date & Time

You might have guessed this: Easter 1997. The doors swing open on Friday, 28th March - 1200 CET and get closed behind you on Monday, 31th March - 1200 CET, see below for a more precise time table. The entrance fee amounts to 40DM. You can also reserve tables!

When you arrive at the party, we expect that you can behave properly and respect the German law. Also try to leave your 500W amplifiers plus boxes at home and restrict yourself to 20W. Have fun!

Computer Systems

It doesn't matter which computer you like. We like 'em all (well, mostly ;-)) and so the Symposium + Mekka '97 will be compatible to the following systems:

Amiga - PC - Atari Falcon - C64 - Acorn

Of course you can bring other systems, but only the listed ones are guaranteed to feature competitions. By the way, the Symposium '96 was the first party to offer a competition for the Acorn RISC computer - and we had three entries!


We will sell some basic food like Coke, Snickers and the like on the party to cheap prizes. This time they will be cheap, since everything is done by the party organizers. We don't sell warm food, but there is a McDonald's and some local shops in the city (okay, it's more like a village). These shops (not McDonald's) are only open on Saturday from 09:00 CET to 16:00 CET, so take care! Of course you can also bring your own food - actually, we would be pleased if you did, so that you won't be able to blame us for anything ;-)

Everyone talks about Internet. So do we: We are about to improve last year's surfing corner by providing more IRC and WWW terminals. We are talking about 17 IRC and 5 WWW terminals here!

A party network with Internet connection is also planned, we have someone selling NE2000 network cards for PCs and lots of cables as well. Nevertheless, try to bring cables and connectors like hell! The network will transmit both TCP/IP and IPX packets. Much more detailed info can be found here. The IRC channel #sym97 is active since the beginning of this year, you can sometimes also meet organizers there.

Every night, there will be a stunning laser show, and we can proudly announce that Noisedrift will do a live act again (this time with a preparation time of more than just 5 hours...), other musical attractions will take place, too, like Ronny/Teklords and the FX Performer who will give you Retrospective Techno 1986 - 1996, a live turntable mix, and Noodles/Phantasm doing an experimental laser-synchronized guitar session. Please understand that we can't add more live acts to our program - we already had a lot of offers, thank you nevertheless!

Now that we're organizing this party, you might think that all you can do is visiting it. This is wrong: We give you the one and only chance to produce yourself. If you want to give a lecture on something or if you have another idea of enriching the event, you're very welcome to do so. We would like you to contact us as soon as possible, though.

Flake/TRSI, the author of the well-known Amiga anti-virus program VirusWorkshop, will hold a small conference giving details on the latest virus techniques, which are becoming more evil and destructive than ever before!

The German BeBox Users Group (DeBUG) will also meet on the Symposium & Mekka '97; the planned Be Demo Tour is not taking place. Hey, you can as well ask the guys from DeBUG about BeOS stuff ;-)

By the way: anyone who took last year's announcement of nude girls for serious should think about his sense of humor ;)... You can be sure that the party will be really entertaining. Note: It will be even more entertaining if the doom-playing kiddies would consider to stay at home with their parents, please.

Competitions are discussed in a different chapter, so hit your mouse..

Preliminary Time Schedule

This is when the most exciting events will take place:

Friday 12:00The party will start
24:00Liveact "Noisedrift"
Saturday 01:00Lasershow
15:00Deadline for Wild, Graphics, ANSI, Music, 4K Intro, and all Acorn, Falcon and C64 competitions
20:00Wild Competition, Graphics, ANSI and 4-Channel Music Competitions.
Sunday 00:30Liveact "Ronny/Teklords"
01:30Lasershow with Liveact "Noodles/Phantasm"
10:00Deadline for all the other compos (Intro, Demo, Game)
10:304K Competitions
15:30Music and Intro competitions
19:00Game and Fast Intro, C64 and Atari Demo
Monday 00:00Demo Acorn, Amiga, PC
05:00Deadline Voting
09:00Prize giving ceremony (plus the traditional lion feed)
12:00We will close the doors

Additionally, the video beam will go down every night for at least four hours, so you can have a rest or do whatever else you need the silence for!

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