Symposium + Mekka '97

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As the Web page mirror on went down in last December, there is no possibility to add to this guestbook any longer. But anyway, you can read the others' expectations and thoughts here.

Hope this party is gonna be cool!
De Wilgen, (Friesland) The Netherlands - Sunday, December 22, 1996 at 09:31:15 (MET)
Greetings to all scene-friends, especially: Trasher/Artwork, Cougar/Artwork, BigRat/Ethic, GTS/Essence, Michael/Anathema ! Hope to see you at the SYMPOSIUM'97 !! NUANCE will be back with a new Dentro for the Compo !!! MAY THE PIZZA BE WITH YA !!
Ehingen, Germany - Sunday, December 22, 1996 at 01:44:30 (MET)
Dont forget to also attend X97 Takeover, held one week after Mekka / Symposium in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. It's gonna rock. Oi!
The REW / Nostalgia <>
Amersfoort, Netherlands - Friday, December 20, 1996 at 09:58:38 (MET)
Alles gute für die Sym97. Hoffe wird geil!!! Cu Stallion / absence. / the independent
Stallion <>
Bremen, Germany - Friday, December 20, 1996 at 00:02:15 (MET)
Yep, Symposium 96 war MEGA-GOIL !!! Mann denke nur an den kleinen Spielen, bei dem freiwillige im See springen mußten... Jaja... Unterhose und Schlamm rulez, hehe... An alle meine Cntx sag ich nur... Fetisch Bistro rulez!!! Werde auf jedem falle die Symposium NICHT verpassen... C ya all l8r... Mr.Vain of Secretly!
Mr.Vain / Secretly! <Sorry... Testing the InterNet from a new InterNet-Cafe.>
44625 Herne, Germany - Monday, December 16, 1996 at 13:03:28 (MET)
Hello 2 all my friends and cntx worldwide... Some fast greetz must fly this time to these guys: Ghandy/SDM - Exon/Riot&Jormas - Dire/Eremation - Big-Rat/Ethic - Brainwasher/Eremation - Dire/Eremation - Jazz/Haujobb&Illusion - Normann/Anadune - Buggs/Defect - Ace/Session - Angelwings/SDM - The King/Erotic Design - Damion/Artwork - Lithium/Eltech - Hellraiser/FUN - Mike/Mystic - Fashion/RamJam - Twice/Lego Guru/Sahara Surfers - Acryl/? - Dr.Avalanche/TRSI recordz - Fishwave/Sardonyx - and of course 2 all the other guys i have 4got in this hurry... fuck me up, if ypu want... but i must say, that the AMIGA is the best computer arround and InterNet is realy kewl... hehe... at the mom i am sitting in front of a PeCe (Uargh... why not a amiga?) by a new InterNet-Cafe near my town... I hope 2 c ya all at the great Symposium and keep on ya great work! PS: If your group is interested to code an AMIGA-PowerPC Demo for the Symposium or maybe for the Party 6, then do not hestitate and write to our main-pobox or call our board in berlin. I ask you only, becourse we are registred PowerPC developers by Phase5... Maybe we can produce in coop a power demo for the amiga... Intel Outside rulez...! Oki, enough to say... To all my friends: Stay kewl and hope 2 c ya at the Party 6 or at the Symposium 97.... Bye.... Mr.Vain / Secretly!
Mr.Vain of Secretly! <Call from InterNetCafe>
44625 Herne, Germany - Monday, December 16, 1996 at 12:51:48 (MET)
Symposium '96 was a cool pardey and i hope nxt years pardey will be better and cooler as the other... Atari rulzzz
Holger ´"(yberDog" <>
Rodgau near Frankfurt, Germany - Monday, December 16, 1996 at 01:22:34 (MET)
Fucking cool pardey!.. i`ll be there! Some peeps better watch out when i come (yes you Shane =). Any swedes who`s going to Symposium`97?.. Write me a mail!
Newt/Abyss^Crux Dezign <>
Jönköping, Sweden - Monday, December 09, 1996 at 13:15:27 (MET)
MOIN MOIN Greetings to all my old friends and contacts around the globe
Bullet ex Lego <>
Frankfurt, Germany - Thursday, December 05, 1996 at 16:23:38 (MET)
I haven't been to a real party for years so i guess i'll be there! ;')
Troop/Chiparus <>
Asperen, Netherlands - Wednesday, December 04, 1996 at 22:05:54 (MET)
I will very likely join this great event and i will bring with me: The almighty Myth from the Point of no Return (+49-6039-95934). He will code something for the compos!! cya there bye
Red Hunter <>
Oberursel, Germany - Wednesday, November 27, 1996 at 09:18:45 (MET)
yES! *999* Web visitors til now! Let's make this a great party! Drop your ideas...
Raw Style/Lego <>
Hamburg, Germany - Tuesday, November 26, 1996 at 11:03:37 (MET)
It was a great Party....I`ll be there next Year 100%! Hope that Artwork will release THE GATE II... AMIGA RULEZ !
Hamburg, Germany - Monday, November 25, 1996 at 12:32:32 (MET)
Let's hope that this party gets a major event with international visitors.
Vivid <>
Tübingen, Germany - Saturday, November 23, 1996 at 18:14:01 (MET)
Demos are kewl
Raven <>
Heidelberg, Germany - Friday, November 22, 1996 at 18:28:23 (MET)
I`ll win the 3rd time.
Tron Artwork <>
wedel, Germany - Friday, November 22, 1996 at 12:49:05 (MET)
Citavia Crew is coming and will present their first demo on PC and their first demo on Amiga.
Pi/Citavia <>
Zittau, Germany - Thursday, November 21, 1996 at 13:39:48 (MET)
I'm working on some real holographic 3D stuff.....just wait and see this is gonna be HUGE :)
Dr. Kaos! <>
Birmingham, England - Wednesday, November 20, 1996 at 18:44:41 (MET)
Ill be there!b
Germany - Tuesday, November 19, 1996 at 23:25:58 (MET)
MTB is going to come!
Slater(MetaBolic) <>
Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Monday, November 18, 1996 at 13:21:10 (MET)
if we should come, we'd be on our way. cuz we go.
jugi guardlet @ complex
komplex, @SEA - Sunday, November 17, 1996 at 16:02:42 (MET)
Twilight (Arcade 1993!) wants to be there... Yes,i'm back again....64 will never be dead....
Twilight <>
Papenburg, Germany - Sunday, November 17, 1996 at 14:13:03 (MET)
Support good art parties! Am organizing BuenZli Swiss PC art parties Check out (soon) for details
Furball <>
-= Fake That =-, Switzerland - Friday, November 15, 1996 at 10:44:07 (MET)
Megasphere will be there... hope it will be as cool as last year!
Codey <>
Megasphere, Germany - Wednesday, November 13, 1996 at 23:56:30 (MET)
I would like to be there, but it's such a long way from Norway.. :)
Rolex/Apathy^Massive <>
Hamar, Norway - Tuesday, November 12, 1996 at 17:25:32 (MET)
Cool page signed!!! -z-
Zaphod <>
Lillehammer, Norway - Monday, November 11, 1996 at 00:35:44 (MET)
Let`s get the 2nd century done!
JACK/ NightCastle prod. <>
Tiddische, Germany - Saturday, November 09, 1996 at 00:53:12 (MET)
I'll be there
Mairsil / MetaBolic <>
Amsterdam, Netherlands - Tuesday, November 05, 1996 at 11:19:57 (MET)
If I didn't live over seas I would sure have been there!
Lunas <>
Fall River, MA., USA - Saturday, November 02, 1996 at 13:34:47 (MET)
Demo or die... life is simple... he he he
Wild <>
Lyngby, Denmark - Friday, November 01, 1996 at 11:11:58 (MET)
Sym 96 was great ! Uncomplicated, no shitty things, lotsa nice dudes, i'll be there for sure next year. Only problem was my car broke down when driving to McDonalds, so bad that i had to get the car transported back to Holland.. And I HATE the German Road Service, but the party was fine ;)
Apollo/Royal <>
Not on the map :), Netherlands - Thursday, October 17, 1996 at 23:15:19 (MDT)
Symposium `96 was the best party so far! The nicest thing was that one of the organizer drove us to the train station for free (with his diesel car :))
sHANE! <>
Switzerland - Sunday, October 13, 1996 at 23:10:12 (MDT)
hello, just wanted to say I enjoyed the TV demo by bizzare arts
malcom ryder <>
cleveland, ohio usa - Sunday, October 13, 1996 at 04:33:46 (MDT)
Nice lot... ;)
Curt Cool <>
Copenhagen, DK - Sunday, October 13, 1996 at 02:53:04 (MDT)
great page... if you held a c64 competition then why not held (a small...) atari xl/xe??? or is it possible to show demos/intros/musics in the "wild-competition?" bye HeAvEn/TQA
Heaven/Member of Taquart <>
Germany - Wednesday, October 09, 1996 at 13:26:38 (MDT)
toch heb ik best wel een beetje de pest aan dat stomme duitse gezijk eigelijk niet dan?
.x. Troop/Chiparus .x. <>
Asperen, Nederland - Monday, October 07, 1996 at 23:32:45 (MDT)
Da party waz ok.
Samurai of Inter <>
Karlsruhe, Germany - Sunday, October 06, 1996 at 20:45:02 (MDT)
Kinderschokolade - macht die Latte gerade.. hoho Symboozium ;> rocks..
Cyclone/Abyss <>
Germany - Wednesday, September 25, 1996 at 01:22:29 (MDT)
Hi! Nice to see another Party in the next Year, i will go to it... when I have money and time... ;) Greets Yours Darkness PS: Sorry, the homepage is only in german.
Darkness/ATL/Active <>
St. Gallen, Switzerland - Monday, September 23, 1996 at 02:23:39 (MDT)
Next year's Symposium could be my reappearance to the scene... ...C64 never dies!
Aachen, Germany - Wednesday, September 18, 1996 at 21:17:36 (MDT)
Make It The BIGGEST PARTY EVER!!!! (and kick some ass as I can't come and do it myself!)
BloB/Black Out <>
Pula, Croatia - Wednesday, September 18, 1996 at 14:58:13 (MDT)
Prophecy strikes bak ..... =) Just remember good old times .....
Aladin <>
HaNNoveR, Germany - Thursday, September 12, 1996 at 18:24:41 (MDT)
i'll be there
v-ås, Sweden - Wednesday, August 28, 1996 at 13:12:40 (MDT)
Ja war echt nett die Party. Das nächste mal bin ich auch wieder dabei.... Ich hoffe doch, daß der Bund nicht dazwischen kommt. :-((((
Hi-Tec of Xymox Project <>
Wilhelmshaven, Germany - Wednesday, August 28, 1996 at 12:12:55 (MDT)
Ich komme auf jden Fall wieder...
Chromag/Polka Brothers <>
Hannover, Germany - Friday, August 16, 1996 at 22:07:16 (MDT)
C-64 Never Dies!!!
Vergo/MGT/TRY <>
Trondheim, Norway - Thursday, August 08, 1996 at 22:57:15 (MDT)
C-64 Never Dies!!!
Vergo/MGT/TRY <>
Trondheim, Norway - Thursday, August 08, 1996 at 22:56:21 (MDT)
Warum is all the information not on just one page instead of... several?
Dr. Dreyer/.sPOOn. <No...>
Åbyhøj, Dänemark - Monday, August 05, 1996 at 17:51:03 (MDT)
C64 rulez 4ever!!!!
zakk/onslaught <>
växjö, sweden - Saturday, August 03, 1996 at 12:59:28 (MDT)
heheh dies war ne echt coole Party, die Besste, auf der ich Jeh war .... leider mussten wir schon am Samstag abend wieder gehn aehm .. oder sonntag abends ? hmm .. :(((( jetzt wo die geilsten sachen anfiengen (COMPOS) sniff. snif f... wird sich zum '97 wohl aendern, da werd ich sicher alle Tage voll da sein ! besucht doch auch mal meine Homepage, sind Wipeout Scores vom Fury und mir drauf ;) ausserdem ne Page mit vielen Fraktalen ;) (aehm .. Mandelbrot Only).. cu all im naechsten Jahr !!
§÷¥\×/\£÷è® <>
Lostorf, Switzerland - Thursday, July 04, 1996 at 22:44:00 (MDT)
Hey Rawstyle! Wann ist mein AXS auf die Organiser Page endlich drinne??? sTEELER/phanTasm
Germany - Tuesday, July 02, 1996 at 14:19:27 (MDT)
Geile Party, mehr davon! Nächstes Mal gibt's auch Duschen und (richtige) Schlaf- plätze! (und einen besser positionierten Infostand!) Solong...
Woosi/Phantasm <>
Buchholz, Germany - Friday, June 28, 1996 at 22:12:56 (MDT)
Boah watt ne Geile Party ;))! Erst wird mein Bild aufm Bigscreen gezeigt und dann auch noch der 1. Platz auf der Democompo (PC)! Naja ansich waren mir viel zu wenig Pc´ler da. Ihr solltet mal mit den Mekka Junx schnacken das da mal eine Party draus wird. Aer ansinsten... einfach nur gut... Naja was ihr Schlafraum genannt hattet war zwar mehr ne Abstellkammer mit SEHR lautem Lautsprecher (und LAUTsprecher passt 100% ;)))! Aber war fein das man ansich recht ruhig in der grossen Halle pennen konnte. (Und auch das es dementspechend ruhig war dort! Alles in allem... ohne zu uebertreiben: "Ich hatte mich vorher nie so wohl gefuehlt auf ner Party !!!" Bis auf diese Arschloecher die staendig "Niggersau" rufen mussten. Ihr habt die leider zu spaet rausgekickt... Geile Party ! ciao Cori
Coractor / Blank255 <>
Bremen, Germany - Thursday, June 27, 1996 at 01:51:55 (MDT)
Congratulations!! The party was fantastic in 1996. Wonderfull. However I'd like to point out the screwups in the musiccompos. Don't you have musicians ? Well , other than that all I can say is "Well done!" I WILL be at the next Symposium. Hs anyone got Noisedrifts EMAIL address ? I forgot to ask the guy last time. Tony
Airon (Anthony Oetzmann) <>
Berlin, Germany - Wednesday, June 19, 1996 at 03:01:56 (MDT)
hi! Nun, nicht gerade viel los hier. Aber das wird sich sicherlich noch ändern wenn der Termin naherückt. baut doch mal mehr Grafik ein ! See yoU! (in der Dame) RICO...wer sonst ?
Rico <>
Werdohl, Germany - Sunday, June 16, 1996 at 23:41:44 (MDT)
We will be there ;)
Azure / Artwork&BZR <>
Hamburg, Germany - Sunday, June 16, 1996 at 15:39:25 (MDT)