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These are some other European parties held in 1997 which I could get Web addresses of (sorted by date):

The Gathering 97 in Hamar, Norway - 26th to 30th of March

A very big and traditional Easter event.
If the Mekka & Symposium is on your way to home, you can always leave that party when it bores you ;-)

SILIconvention in Bremen, Germany - 28th to 31st of March

Used to be an Atari and Acorn party;
probably the wrong place to go if you are Amiga or PC freak.

X'97 Takeover in Eindhoven, Netherlands - 4th to 6th of April

The follow-up to the well-known dutch C64 and PC party.
Guys from NL shouldn't miss!

Somewhere In Holland in Kolpinghuis Nijmegen, NL - 2nd to 4th of May

Another dutch party, originating from the Amiga scene.

Icing Remedy 1997 in Stockholm, Sweden - 12th to 15th of June

Icing and Remedy have decided to join forces
to provide the Swedish scene with a decent party.

The Party in Denmark - X-Mas

It's not yet clear if this legendary event will take
place again at the end of this year!

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