Symposium + Mekka '97

Network Information

A LAN (Local Area Network) and a Novell Netware Server for 1000 users with more than 2 GB HD-SPACE will be on the Party you can play multi-player games over the network.

The Party Server will be used to publish all contributions after the Compo's have finished. Every table gets an own network cable, with a terminator (BNC 10-BASE-2) Thin-Ethernet.

So you do need a T-Connector & a 2 meter or longer Ethernet cable to connect to the Part Network, we do not support Twisted Pair, unless you bring your own hub with you :)

You will need a Novell Netware NDS (Netware Directory Services) client also , or you get a instant client from the net-crew. For the instant client you'll need the ODI Driver for your Network adapter !! This clinet doesn't run with Windows 95, but Win 95 includes it's.

Cheap network adapters , T-connectors & cable will be sold at the Internet Cafe.

The network will support the following frames:

If you want to spread your releases over the network you can share the files with Windows 95/NT/WfW or get a permission by the net-crew to put them on the Party-Server. PLEASE NOTE we do NOT support NetBEUI, DLC, DEC-NET !!

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