Symposium + Mekka '97


First official announcement (17-Jun-96, 3K ASCII)

This text file only wants to make clear that we would organize another party, after the great success of the Symposium '96. It doesn't contain much info; it's more a kind of review of the '96 party.

Reworked announcement (18-Sep-96, 3K ASCII)

In September, it became clear that the Symposium would join forces with the Mekka guys, and this is what this updated announcement reflects.

Invitation text #1 (01-Nov-96, 9K ASCII)

This is the first text which we called invitation - the scene wanted info and so we put anything that was thought to be certain into this file; nevertheless much has changed, most notably the location.

Invitation text, v1.1 (18-Dec-96, 19K ASCII)

This is the ultimate, very extensive invitation text. All you can read here is also part of the...

Amiga invitation intro (27-Dec-96, 310K LHA)

Knowing that it had to be finished for The Party VI, Ronny/Teklords, Herr Sol/Lego and me (Raw Style/Lego) took our Amigas and worked on this intro, which has probably got a very new stylish design. It contains everything you must know about Symposium & Mekka '97.

C64 invitation demo (27-Dec-96, 31K gzip'ed D64 file)

This demo has also been released on The Party VI and has been created by AEG/Smash Designs! It features some very hard code which can't be emulated with the standard C64 emulators; you better run it on an original Commodore machine!

Final info text (v2.1) (03-Mar-97, 25K ASCII)

Contains some updated info; basically everything you can read in the WWW page.

Symposium + Mekka '97 WWW Info Server