Symposium + Mekka '97

Bus Trips

Currently we know of four busses being organized from different European countries. This might be an easy, cheap and comfortable way for you to come to the party. If you are interested, please contact the respective organizer of the bus, not us! We only have the bus shuttle to the train station... Also please drop us a note if you're going to organize an additional bus we don't know of!


The bustrip will start on Thursday the 27th in the evening and return on Monday in the late evening. As usual, the bus will start collecting people in Luzern, and drive on via Zuerich, Bern, Basel, Karlsruhe and Frankfurt. But it's no problem to get more stops, if requested. The organizer is Furball/Fake That ( Registrations and more information on his WWW page.


This bus is organized by Excel/Balance and Newt/Abyss. If enough people come together, there might even be more than one bus. All this is not absolutely sure yet, but if you are interested, you can send Excel a mail to!


This bus trip is organized by PSIONIC/T.C.F. and will start in Gaertingen/Stuttgart. The bus has got enough space for about 40 persons, including their hardware equipment. Please contact psionic at if you need more information or want to register to his bustrip!


This bustrip will start in Budapest and maybe make intermediate stops in Austria and the Czech Republic. This trip is organized by Tomcat/Controlled Dreams and will cost around 100 DM (from Budapest). You can contact Polgar Tamas, 1139 Budapest, Kartacs utca 7 by phone (english spoken of course) (+36-1) 140-0598 or via email at!

Thank you all for your belief in our party!

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