mekka & symposium Ordering the '97 CD


CD Cover


  • All the releases from Symposium & Mekka '97 (243MB), Symposium '96 (46MB) and Mekka '96 (40MB), and some releases from the BlackBox Symposium '95 and 680xx Convention 1993. All releases can be run directly from the CD.
  • The MS97 section includes lots of reports and graphics, such as the 50MB live snapshot MPEG which covers five days with pictures taken every 30 seconds. Read background information from the organizers!
  • The CD can be used with every OS that supports ISO9660 (DOS, Windows etc.). AmigaOS and Unix make use of the RockRidge extensions which provide long filenames. HTML pages provide an OS-independent way of easily exploring the whole CD.
  • Well, not much more, but those 350MB cost only 20 DM and are not self-recorded CD-R's, but professionally manufactured CDs with covers and label print!

How to order

Choose one of the following:
  • Drop a mail to Hardball/Amable (, give him your full address and the number of CD's you want to receive. The CD's are paid on delivery and cost 20 DM each, plus additional 5 DM for P&P. This is only possible for orders from within Germany!
  • Foreigners (and Germans who want to save 5 DM) put 20 DM into a safe envelope and send it to Hardball at Malte Kanebley - Im Dorfe 3 - 21629 Neu Wulmstorf - GERMANY. The CD will then be sent to you free of charge. Don't forget to write down your full address!
  • People from Switzerland can order from Chicken/Fake That ( The price is sFr 16,- plus p&p, more infos via e-mail or via snail mail: Adrian Studer - Hauptstrasse 54 - 6170 Schuepfheim - Switzerland.

If you are interested in buying more than a few CD's to distribute them on your own, we can talk about lower prices! - Mekka & Symposium 1998.