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The MS98 took place from 10th to 13th of April in Fallingbostel, Germany; about 850 sceners attended. Read more about it in all the popular disk-mags (we have a collection of reports). Earlier we promised to evaluate the survey which was printed on the backsides of the vote sheets (we received about 500 of them), but noone could face the huge amount of work required. Instead we'll just take notice of all the complaints and promise to get even better next year :)

Oh yes, and here's a link that may be interesting to all those who enjoyed the musical specialty we presented on the MS98: MayBeBop's home page! Be sure to check the newest pages on as well.

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We've closed this year's guestbook in June. Here's the complete 131K HTML one-file version of the guestbook (sorry, mounted read-only :D).

Last page update in August 1998 (reports page).

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