Competitions -


-[ I ]- The competitor must be present, or in case of a group contribution, at least one person of the group.

-[ II ]- All entries must be delivered until deadline (a time table will be published before the party begins, all the important data will also be displayed on the big screen on the event)

-[ III ]- There will be a preselection for the music competitions (we can't show all the modules which are handed in).

-[ IV ]- Contributions must be handed in on CD, on MS-DOS or Amiga formatted 3.5" disks, or on 5.25" C64 disks. If you hand in HD disks, they should also be formatted in HD mode (otherwise put some tape around the ID hole). No contribution disks, videos or CD's will be given back. There will probably be a possibility to upload your contributions to a server in the party network.

-[ V ]-You have to agree that we'll spread your contribution during and after the party over the Net; we might also produce commercial CD-ROMs or something like that.

-[ VI ]-These rules are not final. No rules ever are :) Stay tuned to announcements!

[ Amiga ] [ PC ] [ C64 ] [ Graphics ] [ Music ] [ Other ]

The Amiga competition machine is an A1200 or A4000 with a 68060 and 16MB FastMem, AmigaOS 3.0 or 3.1. The minimum configuration on which your demo must still work is a 68030 with FPU. Assigns and installation scripts are forbidden (this means that unpacking the archive and running one program is all that is necessary to start the demo). Custom libraries may be used, but not installed outside of the contribution directory.

Demos requiring a graphics card or a PowerPC are not permitted in the Amiga competitions. This has been subject of extensive discussion between the organizers; due to reasons of fairness and the current non-standardness of such hardware, we believe that such hardware is best placed in the Wild competition as of now.

Maximum size is 6 MB uncompressed.


The intro size is 40KB at most. The intro is a single executable file.


Maximum size is 4096 bytes. Booting AmigaOS without startup-sequence, running SetPatch and then simply running the 4K executable from a standard PAL screen must work.

The PC competition machine is a Pentium II, 266MHz with 64MB RAM. Graphics card: S3 Trio64V+ (80C765) with SDD running (no 3D accelerators). Sound cards: GUS and SB16.

Your contribution must work on at least one of these operating systems: MS-DOS (plus all necessary extensions), Windows 98, Linux (fbdev, GGI, X11 or svgalib), BeOS; there are no separate competitions, the respective OS will be announced before the demo starts. Maximum resolution is 800x600 (avoid mode switches, the beam might be slow in resyncing).

Maximum size is 8 MB uncompressed. SB sound must be supported by DOS executables.


As the name indicates, the maximum size is 64KB. The intro must be a single executable.


Maximum size is 4096 bytes. The intro has to be a single executable file.

The competition computer contains a new SID and an Action Replay MK6, and is connected to a 1541-II floppy drive. All releases must be handed in on 5.25" disks.

Maximum size is a standard 5.25" DD disk (both sides). The demos may require user interaction.


Maximum size is 4096 ($1000) bytes (=16.12 blocks).


Maximum resolution is 800x600 in 24 Bits TrueColor. Raytraced pictures do not belong into this category, only hand-pixelled graphics are to be handed in for this competition. The entries must be handed in in IFF, PNG or TGA format. All entries will be shown at least twice, at different daytimes.


Maximum resolution is 800x600 in 24 Bits TrueColor. The entries must be handed in in IFF, PNG or TGA format. All entries will be shown at least twice, at different daytimes.


All formats/modes are allowed. The entry must be handed in as an excutable file (if you need help with a display-program, contact any of the Padua organizers). Any sounds or extra info-screens included in the file will not be shown/played.


No rules specified, yet. Will look similar to last year's rules.


Maximum module size is 1,400,000 bytes. Module formats permitted are those playable by OpenCP. We will show selected entries to the audience, using OpenCP. If you think this player doesn't play your module correctly, contact the authors -- they will also be present on the party, so they can fix bugs for you. We will show 4:27 minutes of each song.

ProTracker modules should be put into the Module competition. Impulse Tracker modules MUST be saved in uncompressed form (click on "IT2.1x" in the save screen), as this would be a too big advantage against other tracked formats. Also, be aware of your channel usage, you don't want the compo machine's cpu to be overloaded (and thus your tune to sound like a CD with a big scratch on it), just because you can't track efficiently enough, want you? But be sure that our compo PC will play 40 channels without problems.


Maximum module size is 1,400,000 bytes. Allowed are ProTracker modules only, that means four channels, and playable with all the usual mod players on all the usual platforms. We will show selected entries to the audience, using ProTracker V2.2a on Amiga. We will show 4:27 minutes of each song.


All formats allowed. The entry must be an executable file (if you need help with a program to play your tune contact any of the Padua-organizers). The c64 screen will not be shown during the competition. Ww will play up to 4:27 minutes of each tune. The competition equipment features a new SID.


For PC and Amiga. For configurations, scroll back to the Demo competition rules. Maximum size of all files is 32768 bytes. Temporary files on the harddisk are allowed, they will not be included in the byte count. They will be removed before playing the game. The coder(s) will play it on the big screen. If you are planning networked games, contact us in advance. We will do a quality preselection on this competition.


1.- Demo MUST start in NTSC with an OPTION SCREEN, which let you choose between PAL and NTSC. 2.- ONE AUDIO track is allowed. It MUST BE A NON COMMERCIAL selfmade tune. 3.- The SIZE of the EXECUTABLE and ALL OTHER FILES must not be more than 4 Mega-Bytes.

The demo must be handled in as a BOOTABLE CD for the PSX. Pure Anim Demos without remarkable code will be disqualified. Pure "Craptros" will also be disqualified :). If you have any problems contact Crash.


Here you can deliver anything that doesn't fit into the other categories. We will not have separate Wild ("classic") and Video competitions, as the number of entries in the former would be too low. The most welcome contribution medium is a VHS or S-VHS tape recorded in PAL; you can optionally hand in a graphics file containing some information about the hardware used to create your entry. If you can't tape the thing yourself (if you are using really Wild hardware...) please contact us in advance.

There aren't many restrictions on this competition. Your entry should be related to computers, though. People are not interested in watching yet another skateboard video. Please help keeping this competition interesting!

Seiko Precision
CD Design Competition

Seiko Precision, as one of our sponsors, will be be organizing a CD Design Competition. Each visitor has the opportunity to acquire a free, individually styled CD-R printed with the CDP-1440 or CDP-2000. Inlay and bottom cards can also be printed; by handing in a self-made design you automatically take part in this competition. You can download templates from their site (page in German only). The prizes go like this:

Winner - 1 CDP-1440
2nd place - 1 CP-2000
3rd place - a CD burner

- -- last update on 06-mar-99 --