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The party place is, once again,
Fallingbostel. Situated between Hamburg and Hannover, this small town offers us the best-suited hall in northern Germany. Most of you already know this hall from earlier mekka & symposia and although space could be a problem this year, we hope it will be sufficient one more time. The party starts on Good Friday (2nd April, 1999) at 12:00 CET and ends on Easter Monday (5th April, 1999) at 12:00 CET. The familiar address is:
        An der Heidmarkhalle 1
        29683 Fallingbostel

The entrance fee amounts to 60 DM (30 Euro). We don't accept currencies other than DM. We don't have single-day visitor tickets. Girls and Mat/Ozone get in for free. There is no table reservation, and no possibility of paying in advance. Money which is left is spent on the repair of damages to the hall and on competition prizes (in this very order, so please behave :D). If you bring your own computer equipment (this does not cost extra, of course), bring your own power connectors!


If you're going to come by car, you reach Fallingbostel through the highway A7 - Fallingbostel is announced. We have a map (in English or German) which guides you from the highway exit to the party place.

When coming by train, you have to use some major train to either Hamburg or Hannover (whichever is nearer to you), and change for Fallingbostel there (Deutsche Bahn info page). Once you've arrived in Fallingbostel, you can make use of the free 24h Bus Shuttle service we will set up like last year. You must contact us in advance, so that you will be picked up (please tell about number of people and time of arrival). If you're coming without equipment, you can also take the walk (half an hour); watch out for the Bahnhof in the center of our map.

Last, but not least, there are bus trips from various countries; some of them may have a free place left for you (mail us if you want to be listed here as well):

  • Cytron/Depth organizes a bus for all the Danes; there is a homepage in Danish.
  • Unlock/Padua took over the organization of the traditional bus trip from Switzerland (it also picks up visitor from southern Germany) -- there's a homepage as well.


Just some action to make sure you won't get bored...


Finally there is an official time table; competitions start earlier on Saturday this year, and some deadlines are a bit earlier as well. Note that this version does not cover special events such as live acts.
Fri 12:00	Opening
Fri 16:00	Opening Ceremony

Sat 08:00     * DEADLINE: C64 Music, Ray-Traced & Pixel
Sat 12:00	C64 Music
Sat 12:00     * DEADLINE: ProTracker Module & Music Competition, PC 64K
Sat 14:00	Ray-Traced Graphics
Sat 15:00     *	DEADLINE: PlayStation, Wild, ANSI, Amiga 40K
Sat 18:00	ProTracker Module
Sat 20:00	Pixel Graphics
Sat 21:00	Amiga 40K Intro
Sat 22:00	PC 64K Intro
Sat 23:00	ANSI
Sat 24:00	Wild

Sun 08:00     * DEADLINE: 4K Intros, C64 Graphics, Game 32K
Sun 11:00	Amiga 4K Intro
Sun 12:00	C64 Graphics
Sun 14:00	PlayStation Demo
Sun 15:00     * DEADLINE: Demo Competitions
Sun 15:00	PC 4K Intro
Sun 16:00	Music
Sun 18:00	C64 4K Intro
Sun 19:00	Game 32K
Sun 21:00	PC Demo
Sun 23:30	Amiga Demo
Mon 02:00	C64 Demo

Mon 05:00	Voting deadline
Mon 10:00	Prize giving, closing ceremony
Mon 12:00	End of the party

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