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Welcome to the WWW site of ms2k-1 a.k.a. ms99. The mekka & symposium party is an annual convention of demo-scene members, which features 72 hours of party entertainment, lots of inspiring people to chat with and competitions in which individual people and groups show off their talent with regards to a traditional form of electronic art called Demos. Note that this is not a stupid LAN gamer party; Quake kiddies are likely to have a hard time here.

On our parties, the focus lies on Amiga, PC and C64 systems. The fact that two of these have almost lost their significance on the mass market does no harm to their popularity among our visitors; a rough estimate is that only 40 to 50 percent of the guests are equipped with a PC exclusively (C64 users, BTW, should keep this URL in mind).

This event, in its current form, is taking place for the fifth time now. We've gone a long way from 1995, with 300 mostly German visitors, up to now -- ms98 has had nearly 1000 visitors from all over Europe and the most stunning releases. Decide for yourself if it's worth the ride -- the info is right here; those nice girls at the left sides of our pages surely enjoyed the party.


Lego - Amable - Phantasm - Padua

Hardball / Amable (PC)
Raw Style / Lego (Amiga)
Decca / Lego (Amiga)
Gandalf / Phantasm (Amiga)
Chaotic / Padua (C64)

heavily supported by Polka Brothers, FEB, Teklords, Cubic & $een, Smash Designs.
Organizers are hanging around on IRCnet's #ms99, join in!

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